Keep Calm And Stay Modest
Keep Calm And Stay Modest

Keep Calm And Stay Modest

The word of God is the medicine of the heart. - Imam ali
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"To Allah is my complaint, and upon Him do I rely."

Sayyeda Zainab bint Ali (as) at the court of Yazid  (via nargessi)

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Imam Reza Shrine, Mashhad, Iran

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I need to be a better Muslim.

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"Never stop praying; no matter how dark and hopeless it may seem. Keep your faith."

"There is nothing that corrupts a heart more than a sin, for the heart succumbs to the sin and is enveloped by it. It remains therein, overcomes the heart and turns it upside down."

Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (a.s.)

Source: al-Kafi, v.2, p.206, no.1

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"Do not consider poverty a humiliation nor wealth an honor. Poverty tests your patience. Wealth tests your gratefulness."

Quran 89:15–16  (Via Sidi Musa Furber)

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"Never wash blood, with blood."

Afghan Proverb

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